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          • 開箱機吸盤如何固定
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            杭州諾典科技有限公司是一家年輕的高新技術企業,具有一批經驗豐富的技術和銷售團隊,公司致力于長期發展的生產經營思路,已經形成工業控制自動化機電產品和球墨鑄管市政給排水兩大板塊的系列產品。PIAB吸盤、PIAB真空發生器,我們始終以“優質的品牌、合理的價位、良好的信譽、周到快捷的服務及售前售后技術支持”的經營理念貫徹整個經營活動 。歡迎廣大新老客戶前來咨詢購買!


          How to fix the suction cup of unpacking machine

          The main working principle of the machine is to use the vacuum suction cup to open the carton, and then the four sides of the bottom are folded by the cylinder, and then sent to the sealing station for sealing. The whole process is completed at one time without pause. In the process of this work, we have already mentioned the suction cups we are going to talk about today. Vacuum suction cups will adopt different specifications and different fixing methods according to different carton sizes. Today, Aixun will talk about the fixing methods of suction cups of the unpacking machine in detail with you.

          Generally speaking, suction cups are fixed by screws, but there are two kinds of screw fixation

          1. The suction cup itself is threaded. The suction cup itself with thread is a relatively simple way of fixing. The suction cup is equivalent to a screw, which can be directly twisted on the screw with thread.

          2. The suction cup itself is not threaded. The suction cup itself does not have thread, and the lead screw for fixing the suction cup generally does not have thread. It is mainly fixed by the two ends of the lead screw with screws, and the suction cup is clamped in the middle to achieve the fixing effect.

          In fact, no matter what kind of fixed way is used, it doesn't have much impact on the user's use. In fact, the material of the vacuum sucker has a greater impact. Therefore, users must polish their eyes when buying vacuum sucker.

          Hangzhou nuodian Technology Co., Ltd. is a young high-tech enterprise, with a group of experienced technology and sales team. The company is committed to long-term development of production and management ideas, and has formed a series of products of industrial control automation mechanical and electrical products and nodular cast pipe municipal water supply and drainage. PIAB suction cup, PIAB vacuum generator, we always carry out the whole business activities with the business philosophy of "high quality brand, reasonable price, good reputation, thoughtful and fast service and pre-sales and after-sales technical support". Welcome new and old customers to consult and purchase!

          For more suction cups of unpacking machine, you can also contact nordian technology!




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